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Post by Admin on Mon Sep 22, 2008 9:11 pm


[ General Rules ]
1. Common courtesy is law. Be nice to others and don't be rude or disrespectful. Do not flame.
2. Do not spam. What you type here should be intelligent and readable. Try not to use chatspeak too much.
3.Do not cause unnecessary drama. If you have a problem with someone, try
to sort it out with them privately before coming to a
moderator/administrator. If there's something about the forum itself
that bothers you, contact me about it.
4. Respect the administrators
and moderators. What they do is for the good of the forum. If a mod or
admin is being rude to you for no reason, PM me (Pokemon Master).
5.Do not post inappropriate material like hentai, porn, or other things
that are not appropriate. This is an overall PG to PG13 forum.
6. Do not make multiple accounts. If you want your name changed, you can post
in the Name Changer Forum and an admin will have to approve it. Don't
change your name too often though, or no one will know who you are.
7. Any sort of racism or offensive speech is not tolerated.

[ Posting ]

1. Must follow all the rules mentioned above.
2.Do not stretch the page! If you type a really long line with no spacing
between words/letters, it will most likely stretch the page.
3. Make sure it is on-topic! Simple statements that are one to few words will
be considered spam. Please post something relevant to the topic!
4.Do not double-post (posting directly after one of your posts). Please
use the Edit button -- it's there not just because it looks good.
5.Do not post stolen works. Never take something without the original
person's permission. Thieves will be warned and potentially banned on
the spot.
6. Do not advertise!.

[ Signatures and Avatars ]
1. No inappropriate/offending messages/images.
2. Max width for signature banners/images are 450x250.
3. No Flash works or excessive animations. They can be annoying and slow down some browsers.
4. Please refrain from having music that automatically play when the page loads.
5. No YouTube videos. They are allowed, however, to be posted with a topic - just not within a sig.
6.Other types of media are pretty much okay if they aren't big,
obnoxious, and disruptive. Feel free to run something by an admin if
you're unsure whether it's allowed.


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